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Frosted Glass

Frosted Satin Balcony BalustradeWhen it comes to obscure glass, one of the most popular choices in modern interior design is frosted glass. This misty look makes glass partially opaque, affording privacy without blocking the light. The frosted glass panel distributes light in a soft and uniform way, while blurring the view of what’s on the other side – so it’s the perfect choice for private spaces like bathrooms and offices.

Whether it’s a partition, door, or frosted glass window, the pane can either be entirely frosted or partially clear, and can even have decorative patterns etched into it. While patterned glass is often more textured and intricate, standard frosted glass can be the simpler option for a more minimalist style. There are so many ways to incorporate frosted glass cut to size that the choice is truly yours.

What is frosted glass?

Frosted Satin Balustrade with Logo

While most glass starts as basic clear sheet glass, frosted glass is the result of chemical or sand treatments that create the cloudy, translucent appearance. Sometimes the effect can be achieved by applying a film or spray to the glass, but this is less durable than an authentic frosted glass product.

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we provide high-quality frosted glass cut to size in a range of shapes and measurements. When you order custom frosted glass from us, you can be sure that you’ll receive a well-made product that meets your exact requirements. If you’re interested in installing glass that adds aesthetic value while still transmitting light, why not contact us today? 

Frosted Glass Types

There are two primary manufacturing processes used to produce frosted glass panels, which create a permanent effect, unlike temporary film or spray-on options. These proven techniques have been in use for centuries, with each abrasive method achieving a slightly different type of frosted texture. 

Acid-etched glass

Sometimes referred to as French embossing, this technique uses a coating of hydrofluoric acid to erode one side of the glass. When the acid is washed away, it leaves a slightly bumpy surface and translucent visual effect behind. Light shines through it, but it obscures the other side from view.

Depending on the strength of the acid and how long it eats away at the glass for, the acid etching method can produce different gradients of opacity. Stencils can also be used to create patterns in the frosted glass. Compared to sandblasted glass, chemical etching tends to result in glass that’s more opaque with a smoother surface – which is also known as a satin finish, or frosted satin glass

Sandblasted glass

This technique involves using a machine to spray the surface of the glass with particles of sand at high pressure, creating micro-craters that form a slightly pitted surface. This roughening of the upper layers then distorts visibility through the pane, with a whitened effect similar to icy glass in winter.

Sandblasted glass tends to be more easily available than acid-etched glass, and is often preferred when it comes to inscribing patterns. The enhanced speed and pressure of the sandblasting process affords more control and precision, enabling the creation of more intricate and ornamental frosted glass designs. It’s a popular option for home décor or commercial settings featuring company logos. 

Where can frosted glass be used?

There are many possible places to use frosted glass, for both interior and exterior installations. The most common domestic uses are bath screens and shower enclosures, where toughened frosted glass can deliver the required privacy and safety. It can also be used in furniture, from tabletops to shelves, and often features in doors and windows in both residences and business establishments.

Whether it’s frosted glass partitions in an open-plan office, or frosted glass balustrades separating seating or queueing areas in restaurants or hotel lobbies, these clouded panels offer the perfect blend of function and style. Shops and other commercial settings often make use of decorative frosted glass to display their branding in a unique way, from outdoor signage to inside counters. 

Why choose frosted glass?

There are so many benefits of frosted glass, it is ideal for ground-floor public-facing windows and doors, whether domestic or commercial, to guarantee privacy and filter natural light. It also improves security, discouraging potential intruders as they won’t be able to see inside!

As an alternative to blinds, higher floors or private meeting rooms and home offices can make use of partially frosted glass panels. This could involve a frosted lower half and clear upper half, or partly opaque while the rest features patterns with clear gaps. Options like these prevent the space from feeling smaller, darker, and closed-off, as they would with a solid wall or fully opaque partition.

To discuss a custom frosted glass order with our team of experts, give Express Glass Warehouse a call on 020 8500 1188 today. You can also email us at or fill out our online quote form with your specifications. We’ll get back to you with more information as soon as we can.