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Patterned Glass

Pattern Reeded GlassLooking to create a custom finish for glass doors, windows, or walls that doesn’t block the light? As a unique type of obscure glass, our clients at Express Glass Warehouse especially love the style and practicality of patterned glass. This is why we offer many options for patterned glass cut to size.

Organic textures can add an unparalleled flair to an otherwise bland space. Classic textured glass can easily transform a standard window, door, wall, or screen into a stunning architectural feature. Whether you want a simple geometric pattern or something more artistic, we can provide it for you.

From patterned glass for doors to patterned glass panels, these products look incredible in both interior and exterior installations – guaranteeing visual beauty every time.

We can provide a variety of etched glass styles here at Express Glass Warehouse, so don’t hesitate to request a quote for a custom order. We’re sure we can fulfil your project requirements with a speedy service and high-quality patterned glass product, so why not get in touch with our team?

What is patterned glass?

Pilkington Textured Privacy Glass

Patterned glass is exactly what it sounds like – treated glass that has some kind of pattern etched into it or printed onto it. Depending on the finish this type of glass partially or completely obscures, blurs or disguising whatever’s on the other side for privacy.

Rather than settling for plain sandblasted glass or frosted glass, translucent patterned glass offers an added level of decoration. Sometimes known as figured glass, the traditional method for making this involves imprinting or embossing a pattern by passing molten glass through rollers.

A cheaper and modern alternative includes digital printing that imitates the look of a patterned frosted glass. Glass can also be tempered before printing for additional durability and safety to create toughened patterned glass. This makes it much harder to break, which is safer for anyone using it.

Once the manufacturing process is done, the patterns in the glass will diffuse and scatter light, so there’s no uninterrupted view to the other side. The level of obscuration is your choice – you could have a partial pattern with clear gaps, or a frosted design that both blurs and conceals completely. 

Patterned Glass Types

General textured glass can come in many forms, with distinctive patterns and etchings that can create either a contemporary or traditional aesthetic in your home or office. It’s the perfect choice for maintaining internal light flow and enhancing the atmosphere without infringing on privacy.

There are also lots of different Pilkington glass patterns to choose from in their Oriel collection, and there’s always the possibility of creating a custom pattern. There are so many etched glass solutions to choose from, but our team can always guide you through the various technical considerations. 

Textured Glass

From classic patterns to contemporary, textured glass is the ultimate in unique and attractive glass solutions. At Express Glass Warehouse, we can skillfully facilitate an extensive selection of designs, cutting the patterned glass to the required size or shape before efficiently dispatching your order.

As a professional glazing company, we provide a variety of glass finishes in addition to patterned glazing – meaning you could combine different styles to achieve a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. For example, combining frosted satin glass with intricate patterns is a popular contemporary choice.

With various technologies available and designs only limited by your imagination, bespoke textured glass isn’t textbook privacy glass. The opacity can be tailored to the level you like, ensuring a finish that you’re happy with – whether that’s a translucent partition or a highly obscured privacy screen. 

Pilkington Oriel Glass

Leading glass manufacturers Pilkington provide a range of bespoke patterned glass panels called the Oriel range. This includes both abstract and elaborate designs, from stippled and reeded glass to swirls and shapes, or from simple florals and foliage to complicated Chantilly patterns. Each design has its own personal aesthetic appeal, so there’s sure to be something to suit every preference.

Not only is Pilkington patterned glass available in more than two dozen options, but there are also several obscuration levels. Those with a privacy rating of 1 offer the most visibility, while those with a privacy rating of 5 offer the least – so you can decide how much you want people to be able to see.

As with other products, it’s also available in a range of thicknesses. These premium etched glass designs use either Pilkington Optifloat glass or Pilkington Optifloat Opal glass to upgrade plain toughened glass into something exquisite. Promising a smooth and uniform finish, patterned glass is the optimal way to go when combining textured glass with increased privacy, beauty, and character. 

Where can you use patterned glass?

As such a versatile construction material, you can implement textured patterned glass pretty much anywhere you can think of. It’s a great way to personalise either private or commercial spaces to reflect the owner or residents’ taste and impress visitors and customers. Ideal for open-plan offices and reception areas, here are some more places that can benefit from our patterned glass panels:

  • Shower cubicles and bath screens
  • Ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms
  • Kitchen splashbacks and dining areas
  • Doors, windows, and furniture (e.g. tables, shelves)
  • Partition walls and dividing screens (leisure centres, stores, lobbies)
  • Counter fronts and bar fronts (hotels, restaurants, pubs)
  • Commercial displays and balustrades
  • Canopies, signage, and light boxes

One of the best things about patterned glass is that it’s almost artwork in itself, at the same time as providing a practical function. Whichever areas you need to separate, patterned glass is always a winning choice. If you would like to speak to the Express Glass Warehouse team to discuss custom patterned glass, please call us on 020 8500 1188 or send us an email at today.