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Additional Services

At Express Glass Warehouse we are proud to provide laminated, toughened or obscure glass cut to any size or shape. Not only do we offer this unique bespoke service, we also promote the following additional services that may be needed to complete your project.

Glass Cut outs Drill holes Dubbed Corners Notches and Radius Corners

Cut Out 

Cut outs are extremely important when submitting your designs, if you are aware of any existing sockets or obstacles we can plan around these so your design fits seamlessly. 


Need to work around kitchen cupboards or sideboards? Then adding notches can ensure you get a perfect fit every time.  

Drill Holes

Drill holes may be needed if you are considering fixing glass to a wall or to another object. This may be the case if purchasing glass for a kitchen splashback, table top or shelve.

Radius Corners

Prefer a rounded edge? That's fine, when you speak to a member of our sales team be sure to mention this and they'll be able to recommend the radius based on the size / thickness of glass needed.  

Dubbed Corners

Ideal for smoother corners, depending on your project simply let us know how many are required.

Polymer Coating

Polymer coating invisible shield protects glass with a mono-molecular barrier coating that repels water, soil, stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits. Great for outdoor balustrades or shower screens!  

Foil Backing

Foil backing will not only prevent condensation on mirrors in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, it will also reduce injury in the event of breakage.  

Safety Backing

Clear safety film can be applied to the back of mirrors, holding it together safely in the event of breakage.  

Glitter Or Sparkles 

Why not add some glitter or sparkle for that luxury finish! Our premium range enhances the effect with larger flakes for more depth and reflection. 

Glass Fittings

Complete your project with glass fittings. We have an excellent range including shower and balustrade fittings, brackets, door handles, knobs, glazing channels, glass seals, hinges, tie bars, screws and adhesive.

Need something else? 

Express Glass Warehouse specialise in bespoke glass for any project big or small. If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements please give us a call 020 8500 1188, alternatively email us at