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Satin Glass

Satin Glass Hidden Storage

Also known as satin-etched glass, this is arguably the smoothest type of frosted glass available. Satin glass can be refined and luxurious or trendy and modern, depending on how you choose to implement it. Whichever style you choose, it’s guaranteed to have a sleek finish with a subtle shine. Satin glass offers the progressive obscurity of frosted glass whilst looking warmer and less glossy.

Whether you require a satin glass panel as a partition, door, balustrade or window, or you want to make the translucent surface even more striking with a charming pattern, we have the knowledge and experience to provide exactly what you need here at Express Glass Warehouse. Our satin glass promises a high level of light transmittance with a uniform frosted surface for enhanced privacy.

What is satin glass?

Satin Front Door

Satin glass is a type of acid-etched glass. The manufacturing method uses strong acid to corrode the top layers of the glass, creating a cloudy effect that prevents you from seeing through to the other side and diffuses light. It tends to have a more matte appearance compared to reflective clear glass.

The further away an object and/or the viewer is from the satin glass pane, the more opaque the glass will seem. Even when patterns are etched into the glass, the entire area usually has a satin finish, meaning there are no transparent areas that could potentially compromise your privacy. Whether it’s decorative or standard misty satin glass, it will always be both robust and beautiful.

What’s the difference between satin glass and frosted glass?

You may be confused about what the difference is between these types of glass, as these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Think of frosted glass as a broader category of glass, covering a range of frosting techniques such as sandblasting, laminate interlayers, silk screening, and vinyl films. Satin glass is just one specific type of frosted glass that uses the acid etching technique.

Satin glass in particular is less shiny and has a smoother finish than other kinds of frosted glass. Since it has a softer appearance and distributes light more evenly, and is sometimes tinted slightly with colour, satin glass can often feel ‘warmer’ than the average milky-white and glossy frosting.

Even when it has patterns etched into it, this type of translucent glass has a more natural look that isn’t too prominent or overwhelming, making it ideal for incorporating into a variety of applications. Its pleasant simplicity allows it to blend in well with many different architectural and décor styles.

Where can satin glass be used?

Satin glass is suitable for any situation where you might use frosted glass. Its unobtrusive elegance and guaranteed privacy make it the glass finish of choice for settings like bathrooms, changing rooms, balconies and offices. It can be used to divide public and private areas in places like shops, banks, restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities, and even hospitals, including street-facing windows and doors.

There are also plenty of domestic uses for bespoke satin glass, such as tables, shelves, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks, staircase balustrades, and more. Home offices, ensuite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes – there are so many ways that a satin glass door or partition can come in useful. It can simply fulfil the main purpose of preserving your privacy or double up as a decorative feature.

Why choose satin glass?

Ordering satin glass panels from Express Glass Warehouse is the superior choice over standard construction materials. If you want low-maintenance yet high-quality obscure glass that exudes aesthetic appeal, then consistent and durable satin glass could be just what you’re looking for.

With high distortion to blur visibility and efficient illumination through the soft dispersion of light, our satin glass provides everything you could want from a frosted glass product. So, if you’re searching for bespoke frosted satin glass, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re experts in supplying all kinds of obscure and patterned glass, and we’re always happy to offer guidance.

If you already know exactly what you want, why not submit your requirements through our online form to get a quote? To discuss your options further, you can call us on 020 8500 1188 to talk all things satin glass with one of our professionals. Alternatively, send us your enquiries by email to, and we’ll respond as soon as possible with the relevant information and advice.