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Polished Chrome Door Knob With Buffer

Polished Chrome Door Knob With Buffer

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Product Description

Cylinder door knob with rubber buffer. For applications where over-opening the door will cause the knob to strike something (such as a wall, sink etc.) the rubber buffer helps to protect both the knob and the surface being contacted by the knob. Product includes the necessary glazing gaskets.

Product Code EGW-APH-K13

Product Dimensions

30mm diameter x 30mm (depth to each side of door glass)

Glass Specification

Suitable for 8 to 12mm toughened glass. Dia. 10mm hole required (See product drawings)

Material Specification

All visible components in chrome plated brass and black rubber.

Environment Compatibility

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (not suitable for marine environments).

Design Compatibility

Suitable for shower enclosures, wet rooms, bath screens, glass doors, glass partitions and glass furniture.