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Walk on Glass

Walk on glass toughened laminated glass

Walk on glass can be a great way of adding a whole new dimension to your building’s décor, bringing it right up to date with unique modern trends. Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we offer bespoke walk on glass panels. Which are usually made from 32mm toughened laminated glass, (depending on project specifications).

Therefore up to five times stronger than normal float glass, making you feel confident and safe. When safety is a priority, toughened walk on glass floor panels is our solution.

For both home settings and commercial buildings, walk on glass is a brilliant way of introducing light to a dark or subterranean room effortlessly.

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Where can I use walk on glass?

Walk on glass is becoming more and more popular, and is usually used for flat rooftop areas, terraces, commercial buildings, walk ways and stair treads amongst many other applications. Do you want to make your home or business space look more modern, replacing an old and tired look? If so, walk on glass floors could be the solution you are looking for. Ideal for increasing visibility within commercial areas and adding light where needed. Similar to glass partitions, walk on glass can join rooms together, making them appear larger and brighter. The perfect solution for staircases in need of modernisation!

What are the benefits?

Walk on glass stair treads laminated

Not only is walk on glass a stunning inclusion from a design perspective, but it is also a practical addition to any building. Walk on glass allows for light to enter dark rooms, creating a sense of space from both lower and upper levels.

There are also many other benefits to walk on glass panels supplied by Express Glass Warehouse, including:

  • Available in bespoke sizes
  • Finishes include anti-slip, obscure, pattern, printed, painted and tinted
  • Durable with low maintenance
  • Safe for everyday use
  • UK manufactured

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