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Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass comes with many advantages, which is why it’s so popular for a variety of applications. From windows, balconies to shower screens, the options are endless.

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we offer anti-sun glass which is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to installing tinted glass. This body tinted glass is manufactured the same way as clear float glass with the added benefit of privacy. This type of tinted glass can also be toughened or laminated for extra durability if needed.

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Anti-sun tinted glass is low maintenance, easy to clean and allows additional privacy where needed. Ideal for shower screens, Juliet balconies and glass balustrades.

This type of anti-sun glass is available at Express Glass Warehouse in any shape or size, cut to fit your bespoke needs. Also found in a range of thicknesses and in grey or bronze tint, depending on what colour suits your style best, the choice is yours!

Product Information 

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we supply the perfect anti-sun tinted glass solution that is ideal for both the home environment and businesses alike. Other benefits include:

Tinted glass panel balustrades outside on balcony decking
  • Universal applications, where an attractive appearance or privacy is required.
  • Interior applications for partitions, decoration, and fittings.
  • External application in single or double glazing, balustrades, and Juliet balconies.

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