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Toughened Laminated Glass

Balustrade toughened laminated glass

At Express Glass Warehouse, we supply bespoke laminated glass and toughened glass, which both offer better protection against break-ins, human impact, flying objects and high winds. Giving many of our customers peace of mind over the years offering glass solutions that protect their properties and themselves. Both types of glass defend surroundings to a very high standard in their own unique way, which is primarily based around how they react when shattered.

However, there is another superior glass type supplied by Express Glass Warehouse called toughened laminated glass. This is a combination of both laminated glass and toughened glass. When combined, these two styles of glass create an extremely powerful solution, which is why it has fast become a popular choice for customers, due to its seamless finish and durability.

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What is toughened laminated glass?

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass that are held together by an extremely tough EVA interlayer. However, toughened glass is processed with durability in mind, creating a product that is long lasting and resistant to extremely hot temperatures. By combining these two types of glass, Express Glass Warehouse can provide the ultimate safety glass.

Product Information

Toughened laminated staircase glass balustrades

At Express Glass Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering the best glass solutions for our customers, and this is no different with our toughened laminated glass. This robust style of glass is available in a variety of thicknesses to ensure that they are suited to any requirement you may have. These include 10.8mm, 12.8mm, 16.8mm and 20.8mm. (Other thicknesses can be provided on request).

Toughened laminated glass is also offered in a wide range of finishes including tinted glass, painted, printed, patterned, low e coating and many more.

Toughened laminated glass has many uses due to its versatility, but here are some of the most popular we see at Express Glass Warehouse

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