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Textured Glass

Textured GlassWhen you want to implement toughened glass with a decorative feature, textured glass is the ideal option. This uniquely beautiful form of obscure glass increases privacy for people and objects on the other side, whilst maintaining the optimum flow of light through the glass.

Whenever light shines through textured glass panels, it illuminates the textured glass patterns with a lovely glow. The obscurity and light transmission levels will depend on the design you choose.

Produced in compliance with British Safety Standards, this type of embossed glass is quite versatile. With this form of patterned glass, it’s easy to create a visually stunning and fully functional textured glass panel in most doors or walls.

At Express Glass Warehouse, we not only supply textured glass suitable for a range of installations, but we also stock high-quality glass fittings and fixtures to provide a secure and attractive finish. Request a quote today to find out how EGW can help you with your project! 

What is textured glass?

Textured glass patterns are created by pressing designs into malleable glass at high temperatures, distorting its transparency. The patterns can be pressed into one or both sides, often by passing it through rollers featuring the design, which gives the product the alternative name of rolled glass.

The recurring texture can be something as simple as ripples or reeded lines, or as intricate as foliage or geometric patterns. There are several gradations available for varying levels of visual privacy, while retaining translucence to allow plenty of light to pass through the textured glass panels.

When it comes to Pilkington textured glass, the grading scale goes from 1 to 5, with Level 1 designs being the least obscure and Level 5 patterns being the most obscure. The selection of styles available at each level of obscuration offers something to suit every classic or contemporary design scheme.

While opaque digitally printed glass can emulate the appearance of a textured surface, textured glass panels offer an unrivalled three-dimensional effect, enhanced by the fact that they remain semi-transparent. Patterned textured glass lets the light in without compromising your privacy. 

Where can you use textured glass?

Textured glass panels personalise any space and add an extra touch of elegance. Thanks to the wide range of obscuration levels and sophisticated patterns to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate textured glass into all kinds of settings. From meeting rooms and partitions in an open-place office to bathroom windows and shower screens in a modern home, you’re sure to find the perfect style.

The versatility of textured glass makes it a popular option for commercial and domestic customers alike. We always do our best to accommodate made-to-measure orders, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specifications. Give the EGW team a call on 020 8500 1188 or send an email to with your enquiries, and we’ll gladly assist you with your project.