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How to Fit a Frameless Mirror

How to Fit a Frameless Mirror

Frameless mirrors are a stunning addition to any room, lending a touch of elegance and the illusion of more space. They're also surprisingly straightforward to install. In this guide, we'll show you how to fit a frameless mirror using two popular methods: adhesive and wall mounting clips.

Ways to Hang a Frameless Mirror

When it comes to hanging your frameless mirror, you have two primary options: 

Wall Mounting Kit:

These provide a secure hold and are ideal if you plan on changing the position of the mirror in the future. 


This method offers a clean look with no visible hardware and is perfect for a more permanent placement. 

Each method has its benefits, and to make things easier, we offer both mirror adhesive and a mirror mounting kit on our website. 

Hanging Your Mirror with Adhesive

For a seamless look, here’s how you can hang your frameless mirror with adhesive:

Tools You’ll Need:


  • Mark Mirror Location:

    Identify and mark the exact location on the wall where you want to hang the mirror.
  • Sand Away Paint:

    If the wall is painted, lightly sand the area behind where the mirror will go to ensure the adhesive bonds well.
  • Apply Primer:

    Apply a primer to the sanded area for better adhesive performance.
  • Add Temporary Mount:

    Place a temporary brace at the bottom to support the mirror while the adhesive sets.
  • Apply Adhesive to Mirror:

    Apply the adhesive on the back of the mirror in blobs or a continuous wave pattern. We recommend using 1 x 290ml tube per meter square.
  • Set the Mirror on the Wall:

    Carefully align and press the mirror against the wall.
  • Press the Mirror with a Roller:

    Use a roller to press the mirror and ensure a firm bond with the adhesive
  • Add Painter's Tape:

    Place painter's tape over the mirror to hold it securely while the adhesive dries
  • Remove Mounting Brace:

    Once the adhesive is dry, remove the temporary brace and painter’s tape. 

Hanging Your Mirror with Mounting Clips

For those who prefer using clips, here's what you need to do:

Tools You’ll Need:


  • Mark Mirror Location:

    Mark the position of the mirror on the wall by holding it against the wall and marking the mirror edges.
  • Preparing Your Mirror

    Place the mirror on a level and clean surface (e.g. on glass felt) with the reverse side facing upwards.

    Clean the reverse side of the mirror with a silicone-free glass cleaner.
  • Bond the Mirror Plates

    Mark the position of the plates on the reverse side of the mirror with a soft pencil. Both plates should be positioned 10 cm from the upper and the lateral edge. The spacers will prevent the mirror from bending after mounting. Remove the protection film and spread the spacers over the rear side of the mirror.
  • Adjusting Your Mirror

    After the mirror has rested for 30 minutes, press plates once again firmly to the mirror and then hang into the disc plates. By turning the discs, the height can be adjusted to horizontally position the mirror.
  • Hanging Your Frameless mirror

    Remove the protection film of the press buttons. Hang the mirror in a slightly slanted position into the discs and pull gently downward to press against the press buttons.

Need More Expert Advice?

If you require further tips on hanging your frameless mirror or are interested in a custom, made-to-measure frameless mirror, our team is eager to assist.

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us or check out our full range of frameless mirrors.
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