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Floor to ceiling glass mirrors to create the illusion of more internal space

Five ways to create the illusion of space with glass

Space, often one of the main things we all wish we had more of in our homes and offices, but all too often not something that is easily achieved.

Unless you're in a position that allows you to extend your property to add more light, bright, and spacious surroundings, being creative with your furniture choices is probably your best bet.

Fortunately, creating the illusion of space is more than possible, and that is why we have put together the list of five ways to do just that with glass.


Round mirror creating the illusion of space in a living room

Let’s start this list with the undisputed champ of optical space illusions, mirrors. When people think about the main uses for mirrors the first thought that often comes to mind is their usefulness for getting ready in the morning, but their ability for providing the illusion of space and depth to a room should never be overlooked.

Try placing a mirror opposite an external window and see how the natural light flows in and instantly makes the room appear brighter and more spacious. Voila! you’ve created your first illusion.

Mirrors also provide several other benefits, such as adding depth by stretching a room with its reflection, allowing you to create visual focal points, and reflecting your own personal style with endless shapes and frame styles available.

Whether it's for your bedroom, bathroom, or even hallway, mirrors are the ultimate space creators.

Glass Doors

Glass doors in an office space

As mentioned previously, when trying to add a spacious feel to any indoor setting, utilising the power of natural light is always a great place to start. Glass doors are the perfect addition that allow you to open up multiple spaces and soak them with brightness.

Glass doors, much like mirrors help to elongate a room by allowing you to see further into your surroundings and give the illusion of a much larger open space. Compare this to a room with solid walls which create a very solid barrier between spaces.

Another great benefit is that there aren’t many restrictions on where they are suitable. From luxury living spaces, to impressive office reception areas, glass doors are sure to impress and provide the feeling of openness you need.

Glass Juliet Balconies 

Glass Juliet balcony adding light and safety to your living spaces

Juliet balconies in general are designed to allow you to open your living spaces with safety in mind, while also allowing more of that beautiful natural sunlight in. When pairing this balcony design with clarity of glass you can create a full floor-to-ceiling opening that provides seamless depth, and often breath-taking views.

Removing any solid, light-blocking materials from your Juliet balconies is an absolute winner when trying to create the illusion of space, especially in small, hi-rise properties.

Glass Balustrades

glass balustrades on stairs and balcony allowing light to flow around a room

Open-plan spaces, the holy grail of expansive areas, where walls are a disturbance to the natural flow of light and sound. Creating a truly open space, especially when raised areas are involved can be tricky, until you introduce glass.

Glass balustrades can help you overcome building regulations and safety concerns, while also allowing you to zone out specific areas without enclosing your rooms.

What’s more, balustrades can be used both inside and outside to offer sleek, modern barriers. The options for styling your home or office with these partitions are vast, plus they look eye-catching while helping you create huge amounts of depth throughout.

Glass Shower Screens

glass shower screen in modern bathroom

 Finally, let’s move on to the bathroom. Commonly one of, if not the smallest room in any house, your bathroom deserves some space creating tricks too.

Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done to add depth, most notably, replacing opaque shower curtains or separating walls with transparent glass shower screens or partitions. A frameless shower screen removes all visual barriers, lets light flow, and works beautifully, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

Start creating your own illusions

As discussed transforming your home or office into a more spacious, light-filled environment doesn't require major renovations.

Simple, elegant, and highly effective, from mirrors and doors to Juliet balconies, balustrades, and shower screens, your sure to find the perfect glass solution.

All of the above not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also creates the illusion of more room and openness.

Why wait to transform your space? Shop our wide selection of glass products today and bring the magic of space and light into your home or office.

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