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Bathroom arch mirror

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is a generally overlooked component when interior designing and decorating. Its placement, size and shape can work to either compliment or clash with your aesthetic, so it is important to choose the right one.

Depending on your floor plan, bathrooms often don’t have windows so mirrors can act in place of windows, adding light to your space. Mirrors can also add to the size of your bathroom by creating the illusion of more space.

We've put this guide together because we know how tedious a task finding the perfect bathroom mirror can be when having to consider all these factors.

A large frameless free standing arch leaner mirror against the wall in a modern white bathroom

An easy way to better match the aesthetic of your bathroom is by changing the colour of your mirror. Opting for a silver, grey, or bronze finish, either with standard or antique effect can dramatically improve the allure and ambience of your space. 

What shape Bathroom mirror is best?

The shape of your bathroom mirror can add to the mood of your room. Round mirrors give a more classic and sophisticated feel while rectangular mirrors draw more attention to the width of a room providing a calm and atmospheric impression. Whether your mirror is frameless or framed is also an area to consider when choosing space as a framed mirror could be taking up more space than necessary.

Can you use any type of mirror in a bathroom?

The simple answer is no. A regular mirror would not be able to withstand the humidity created by showers and baths over a long period of time. So, for this reason a foil backing is applied to a bathroom mirror in order to prevent deterioration over time from condensation.

A modest bathroom with his and hers sink and a rectangular mirror above with left corner cut off to fit the arched ceiling.

Not only will a foil backing help absorb excess moisture, it will also hold the mirror together in the unfortunate event of breakage. Therefore, ensuring if broken the pieces will stick to the backing and not shatter onto the surrounding areas.

Looking to transform the look and feel of your bathroom space? Check out our wide range of mirrors to find your perfect match.

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