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Square Floor Mounted Glass Balustrade Spigot

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Exceptional 2205 stainless steel floor mounted spigot glass clamps for creating an aesthetically pleasing, frameless glass balustrade system.

Suitable for both internal and external use.

Original price £30.00 - Original price £42.00
Original price
£30.00 - £42.00
Current price £42.00
Spigot Colour: Black

  • Material: 2205 Stainless Steel
  • Colours: Black, Mirror polish
  • Glass Thickness: 12mm and 13.5mm


Looking for the ultimate frameless glass balustrade solution? We've got you covered with the Spartan stainless steel floor mounted spigot from OnLevel.

  • Glass balustrade spigots. Perfect for:
    • Internal glass balustrades
    • Pool surrounds
    • Decking balustrades
  • Suitable for deck or flat solid ground
  • Earthing point located on the base of every spigot for safe use
  • Ideal for glass thicknesses, 12 mm and 13.52mm
  • Made from 2205 grade stainless steel
  • Available in black or mirrored finish

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