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2,400mm Translucent Glass to Glass Magnetic Seals for 8mm Glass

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2,400mm Translucent Glass-to-Glass Magnetic Seals for 8mm Glass

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Original price £29.50
£29.50 - £29.50
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  • Material: PVC with magnetic strip
  • Compatibility: Suitable for 8mm thick glass panels
  • Application: Glass-to-glass
  • Finish: Translucent

  • Length: 2,400mm
  • Height: 19mm
  • Width: 25mm


Ensure the perfect fit and seamless finish for your glass panels with our 2,400mm Translucent Glass-to-Glass Magnetic Seals. These seals are designed to provide a secure and lasting seal for your glass panels, while also allowing for easy installation and removal when needed.

Product Features

  • Transparent finish for a seamless look
  • Magnetic design for a secure seal
  • Suitable for 8mm thick glass panels
  • Easy to install and remove

Pre-Order Technical Notice