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Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass

Finding the right fire rated glass for your project can be extremely difficult. That’s why Express Glass Warehouse offer a selection specifically developed for doors, windows and partitions. These types of fire resistant glass are designed to provide crucial time to escape a burning building before the flames start to spread.

In most cases, we offer fire rated glass to be used in a wide range of buildings from schools to offices and public spaces. At Express Glass Warehouse, we can provide fire glass that meets building regulation requirements. However, we do ask that you check the specifications needed before purchase. We currently stock the following types of fire rated glass listed below, however we may be able to source other types, so please give us a call to discuss.

  • 7mm FIRESWISS COOL 30-7 (EW 30 minutes) 
  • 6.8mm Georgian Wire Cast (EW 30 minutes) 
  • 7.2 Georgian Polished Plate (EW 30 minutes) 

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This type of fire glass is supplied in 7mm and is one of our clear, certified 30 minute fire rated glass. This safety glass can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings due to its hard-wearing nature. The glass also provides protection against fire and smoke at a reduced radiation heat and can be framed in either timber or steel.


Georgian wire cast glass

This kind of fire rated glass is made with an obscure pattern, which contains a steel mesh embedded into the design. It offers additional security when utilised in partitions, windows and fire doors, as well as the obscure pattern providing additional privacy. This product is available in 7mm thickness and could prove to be the perfect solution for your project.


This fire glass product is tested and assessed as a 30 minute integrity fire resistant glass. It is also known as Pilkington Pryoshield and is the market leading wired glass for fire-resistance. This glass has been tried and tested in indoor spaces, used in doors, partitions and windows. Ideal for a wide range of busy communal buildings, from schools to offices.

Fire Rated Glass FAQs

Fire glass is extremely important, it can save lives! This type of glass is designed to contain the and smoke if a building is on fire. By holding both for a longer period of time, giving those inside the building a greater opportunity to escape as quickly as possible. With this in mind, you should ensure that your fireproof glass is as safe as possible. As experts in our field, we can assure you that this type of glass will give you more vital time needed in the event of a fire to escape. But, more importantly, our fire glass meets certain building regulations, so you can feel confident about our glass range we have to offer.

Fire glass is a versatile option, as it can be used in many different buildings and serve a variety of purposes within them. This kind of glass is ideal just about anywhere but is usually most popular in high traffic areas, such as educational facilities and offices, as well as any kind of commercial building, residential home or public space. Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we offer fire rated glass that is ideal for doors, windows or even partitions. This gives you plenty of choice as to where you would like this kind of safety glass to be placed. If you have any more uses in mind for fire resistant glass, then make sure you get in touch with our team today, as we are sure we will be able to help.

At Express Glass Warehouse, we would love to give you an exact amount of how much your glass solution would cost, however due to its bespoke nature, this is not possible. Prices are depended on project requirements, along with glass size, shape and thickness. For that reason, please get in touch for a free customised quotation. Our dedicated team will be sure to price match where possible, offering an express service if needed!

Need help?

Do you need help finding out which one of these types of fire glass is right for you? The experts at Express Glass Warehouse can be of assistance. We specialise in bespoke glass for any project, no matter how large or small.

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