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Mirror & Splashback Adhesive

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Ideal for mirrors or splashbacks if you don't want to use screws or fixtures.

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Xtragrip High Strength Mirror & Splashback Adhesive – 290ml Tube

Please note: adhesive must not be used on mirrors with safety backing, in this instance we would recommend adding drill holes and mounting with mirror dome head screws.


This product is perfect for securely bonding traditional silver-backed mirrors onto various building substrates, such as ceramic tiles, wood, concrete, stone, glass, and metal. The Xtragrip adhesive is easy to work with, thanks to its silicon-based single component formula that allows for quick and effortless application and bonding on most surfaces.

The adhesive is neutral, solvent-free, and oxime-free, which means it cures into a tough, elastic rubber that maintains its elasticity over time. This provides a strong, reliable, and permanent fixing location for the mirrors. Additionally, the product has anti-corrosive properties, making it ideal for long-term use as it does not react with, corrode, or stain the mirror backings.

The Xtragrip adhesive comes in a large 310ml cartridge, offering great value for money. This is a popular, top-rated mirror adhesive that you can buy today at a great low price.

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