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Glass Shower Screens

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10mm Clear Glass Wet Room Screen & Fittings

Original price £316.99 - Original price £523.99
Original price
£316.99 - £523.99
£316.99 - £523.99
Current price £316.99

Original price £316.99 - Original price £523.99
Original price
£316.99 - £523.99
£316.99 - £523.99
Current price £316.99

10mm Frosted Glass Wet Room Screen & Fittings

Original price £374.49 - Original price £648.49
Original price
£374.49 - £648.49
£374.49 - £648.49
Current price £374.49

Original price £374.49 - Original price £648.49
Original price
£374.49 - £648.49
£374.49 - £648.49
Current price £374.49

What is the best glass shower screen for my bathroom?

Choosing the right glass shower screen for your bathroom is as much about personal style as it is function. This means the best shower screen for you and your space is likely different from what it may be for others.

There are a few different options available to match your specific requirements, as well as the layout and colour scheme of your bathroom.

For example, we offer 8mm thick screens that are 1500mm tall and up to 600–900mm wide, which are ideal for shower-bath combos that don’t need a full-height barrier. For step-in showers or wet rooms, we offer 10mm thick screens that are 2000mm tall and up to 500–1465mm wide.

Depending on the type and size of glass screen you choose, there are also different glass options. Whether you choose a traditional clear screen, frosted glass for extra privacy, or tinted grey glass for a more unique look, you’ll also have a choice of finishes for the fittings that come with it.

Learn more about the available fitting types and finishes in the FAQs below.

What are the different types of glass shower screen?

Glass shower screens mainly differ based on the overall layout of your bathroom. All shower screens are made from high-quality toughened glass that is far more resistant to breakage than standard glass. The main types of glass shower screen are:

Glass wet room screens: Wet rooms are ideal for larger bathrooms as the provide and open, airy feel, enhancing the sense of space. They are designed to be completely waterproof, allowing for a seamless look and easy movement within the shower area. With no steps, shower tray, or barriers, wet rooms are highly accessible, making them a great choice for individuals with mobility challenges.

Over the bath glass screens: Bath screens are a space-saving solution, ideal for smaller bathrooms or en-suites where a separate shower enclosure isn’t feasible. They allow you to have a shower area without sacrificing the functionality of a bathtub. Unlike cheaper shower curtains, glass bath screens provide a more premium, polished appearance.

Glass shower enclosures: Similar to wet rooms, shower enclosures offer a sectioned off shower design, however they often require a shower tray on the floor, along with either a sliding or hinged door, creating a completely closed shower area. Ideal for smaller, more simple bathroom layouts.


Wet Rooms

Bath Screens

Shower Enclosures

Space Requirement

Larger spaces

Compact spaces with a bath

Compact spaces

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern, minimalist


Simple, compact





Installation Cost




Maintenance Ease




What shower screen glass finishes are available?

We manufacture glass shower screens in a range of different finishes including:

Clear glass: A pristine and timeless finish, offering a clean, modern look that enhances the open feel of your bathroom. It allows a seamless view through the shower screen, making your bathroom appear larger and airier. Clear glass is extremely versatile and matches with any bathroom décor, be it contemporary or traditional.

Frosted glass: Known for providing privacy while still allowing light to filter through. It’s an ideal choice for shared bathrooms or for those who prefer a more secluded showering space.

Grey frosted glass: Providing all the benefits as frosted glass, our grey variation offers an extra splash of luxury. The perfect choice for anyone looking for a more modern style bathroom.

Grey tinted glass: Tinted glass adds a touch of colour and distinctive aesthetic to your bathroom. It also reduces glare, which can be beneficial in bathrooms with a lot of natural light. While not as opaque as frosted glass, tinted glass can provide a degree of privacy and a unique visual appeal.

What fittings and fixtures do I need for my glass shower screen?

Whichever type of glass bathroom shower screen you choose, some fittings will be required to ensure it’s installed correctly. These fittings include:

Wet room screen fittings:

  • Shower u-channel
  • Shower support bar
  • Wall / ceiling bracket for support bar

All our wet room fittings are available in a range of finishes, including; chrome, brushed satin, polished brass, matte black.

Glass bath screen fittings:

  • Glass to wall hinges

We offer glass to wall hinges in both brass and matte black finishes.

What glass shower screen size should I get?

When buying a new shower screen, size is clearly one of the most important factors. From small bath screens to large wet room panels, we have standard sizes available for every bathroom. How do you pick the right one?

Start with your measurements:

  • Preparation: Ensure the area is clean and free from any obstructions. Have a measuring tape, a level, and possibly a helper at hand to ensure accuracy.
  • Width Measurement: Measure the width at different heights - at the base, the middle, and the top, to account for any irregularities in the walls.
  • Height Measurement: Measure from the base to the top where the screen will be installed. For over-the-bath screens, measure from the edge of the tub to the desired height.
  • Recording: Record your measurements clearly, always double-checking for accuracy. It might be helpful to sketch a simple diagram of the area, noting down the measurements.

Pick the right size:

Once you have your measurements, you’ll be able to pick the perfect screen from our range of standard sizes:

Bath screens:

  • Height: 1500mm
  • Width: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, or 900mm

Wet room screens:

  • Height: 2000mm
  • Width: 500mm – 1465mm

Why are glass shower screens the best option?

While standard shower curtains may be cheaper, you get what you pay for – and if you want a shower divider that both acts and looks the part, then toughened glass is the top choice. Why wrestle with a leaky, unattractive plastic sheet when you could shower in peace with a sturdy frameless glass shower screen?

These screens function as protective barriers, keeping water from splashing or spreading throughout the bathroom, while also adding a modern decorative element to the space. Glass is such a versatile material that it looks good wherever it’s used – especially in smaller rooms, where it’s important not to block the flow of light.

While curtains can soon become worn and discoloured and need replacing, a toughened glass screen will stay in place and do its job well for a long time to come. Glass screens are also much easier to wipe clean, especially if you opt for the stain-resistant polymer coating when you place your order with us.

Can you use glass shower screens in any kind of bathroom?

As long as you order the correct size for your bath or shower, our glass screens can be installed in most types of shower-baths, shower enclosures, or wet rooms that require a rectangular divider. We currently do not offer curved screens for rounded corner baths or enclosures.

As you’ll see from browsing our shower screen designs above, we offer a selection of standard sizes, with fixed heights and a range of widths to choose from. However, we understand that these sizes may not fit all bathrooms, which is why we would be happy to help if you contact us to request a bespoke glass shower screen.

Use the online chat or get in touch by phone or email to submit an enquiry with your required dimensions, glass type, and fitting finishes, and we’ll get back to you with more information and a bespoke quote if it’s possible to proceed with your order.