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What is Low Iron Glass and When Should You Use It?

What is Low Iron Glass and When Should You Use It?

The use of glass in homes and offices for balustrades, partitions and tables has become more popular in recent years as part of a trend to create brighter, more open spaces.

But one drawback with regular glass can sometimes be a faint colour tint that can appear to distort the look of the glass and potentially reflect onto floors and walls.

Low-iron glass is the solution to this problem.

In this blog we look at why.

What is low iron glass?

Low iron glass is manufactured with a reduced iron oxide content, resulting in a clearer, transparent appearance compared to traditional glass (which sometimes has a blue or green tint).

Low iron glass is particularly good for thicker glass panes – where the colour distortion becomes even more noticeable.

Why would you use low iron glass?

Low iron glass avoids discolouration in the panel, so it’s a great choice in projects using multiple layers of glass.

Especially if one or more of the panels will be coloured.

Because regular glass panels can have a blue or green tint, it can change the colour coming through the main coloured panel, ruining the effect.

Low iron glass ensures the true colour shines through. This versatile glass type is suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial projects.

Is low iron glass suitable when you need toughened glass?

Although low iron glass is not inherently toughened, it can undergo the toughening process to enhance its strength and durability. This allows it to be used in applications where toughened glass is necessary, such as doors, partitions, and low-level windows.

Where can you use low iron glass?

Low iron glass is a great option that can be utilised in virtually any project requiring glass components. Its primary purpose is to eliminate colour impurities common in glass manufacturing. Some popular applications for low iron glass include:

Get in touch to find out more about low iron glass

If low iron glass seems like the right choice for your project, contact our team of experts and they will help you find the best products for your project. We offer a variety of customisable options, including toughened low iron glass, precision-cut pieces, and even printed designs to match the look and style of your space.

Choose low iron glass for a flawless, colour-accurate finish that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your project.

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