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How To Choose the Right Thickness For Your Glass Table Top

How To Choose the Right Thickness For Your Glass Table Top

Selecting the correct thickness for your glass table top or table top protector is a crucial decision in home furnishing. Not only do glass table tops need to be resilient enough to bear their own weight and any items placed upon them, but the thickness also plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of glass table top protectors in shielding the surfaces underneath. This guide aims to dispel any confusion regarding the thickness of glass table tops and protectors, ensuring you make the right choice the first time around.

Why Is Glass Thickness So Important?

The thickness of a glass table top is not just a matter of aesthetics; it's a functional necessity. An incorrect choice in thickness can lead to breakages, resulting in unnecessary expenses or, worse, damaging the very furniture you sought to protect. Whether for a stand-alone table top or a protector, understanding the balance between strength, support, and aesthetics is vital.

What Thickness Is Best For Table Tops?

For glass table tops serving as the primary surface, a minimum thickness of 8mm is advisable. However, for added durability and to accommodate heavier objects, a thickness of 10mm is often recommended. It's essential to consider the table base's ability to support the weight of thicker glass, as opting for a heavier glass without adequate support can compromise the table's integrity.

What’s The Best Thickness For Glass Table Top Protectors?

When it comes to glass table top protectors, which safeguard existing surfaces, a thinner glass is typically sufficient. A standard thickness of 6mm is often adequate, providing a balance between protection and subtlety. However, for those desiring a more pronounced look or additional heft, thicker options are available, bearing in mind the weight implications on the underlying table. 

What Thickness Is Right For Your Glass Table Top?

Deciding on the ideal thickness for your glass table top or protector hinges on understanding your specific needs—balancing aesthetics with functionality. For stand-alone table tops, err on the side of thickness for strength, while protectors can afford to be thinner, emphasising subtlety and lightness. 

Express Glass Warehouse stands as your go-to expert in toughened glass solutions, offering a wide array of glass table tops and protectors suitable for various applications, both indoors and outdoors. Should you have a bespoke glass table top requirement or need further assistance determining the perfect thickness for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide the guidance and high-quality products you seek.

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