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5 Incredible Ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Glass Splashbacks

5 Incredible Ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Glass Splashbacks

grey painted glass kitchen splashback

Transform the look of your kitchen with a stylish glass splashback. Installing a glass splashback can give your cooking space an instant update, and here are five tips to help you get started.

Choose the Right Glass Splashback Size and Colour.

glass kitchen splashback fitted between kitchen cupboards

When choosing a glass splashback, you need to ascertain the size of your wall, more specifically the space that should be covered. Your splashback should cover at least 50% of the area behind your hob, and you also want to consider a colour that complements the other features in your kitchen. Consider shades like grey or copper for a modern look, blue for a coastal vibe, or even tropical green for vibrant interiors.

Invest in Professional Installation Services.

Investing in professional installation services can help you achieve the best possible finish with your glass splashback. While it is possible to install glass splashbacks yourself, the risk of damage or a messy finish increases when it’s not handled by experienced professionals. They will also be able to provide advice and guidance on choosing the right size and type of glass for your kitchen design.

Create a Seamless Look with LED Lighting.

Yellow painted glass kitchen splashback with led backlighting

Add a touch of class to your kitchen with an LED backlight. This can be wired directly behind the glass and creates beautiful, subtle lighting across the backsplash area. It provides a wonderful ambient feel while ensuring that your shadows and other reflections are reduced. As an alternative, you can also use under-cupboard lighting to compliment your new splashback.

Customise Your Splashback with Textures or Patterns.

Marble pattern printed glass splashback

Spice up your splashback with a range of creative textures and patterns to create an interesting feature that brings your kitchen to life. Choose from a variety of glass finishes including plain, frosted, or glossy for a sleek and modern look. Alternatively, add intricately designed patterns or vibrant colours for an unforgettable look.

Create an Eye-catching Accent Piece by Mixing Colours.

One of the best ways to inject personality and warmth into your kitchen is to mix and match glass splashbacks with different hues. This way, you can create an eye-catching focal point that allows you to easily experiment with colour without having to commit long term. Vibrant blues, greens, oranges, and reds can be used for a bright and cheerful look or use more subtle shades to give a calming atmosphere.
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