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Due to high demand, lead times may be extended. Click here for full shipping info

Due to high demand, lead times may be extended. Click here for full shipping info

Cartoon Diplodocus Glass Wall Art

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Bring life to your children's bedroom with this charming cartoon diplodocus glass wall art. Perfect for bringing a healthy dose of imagination and playfulness into any play-space.

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  • Digitally printed artwork
  • 6mm glass thickness
  • 500mm x 700mm (27.6" x 19.7")


Step into a time of towering dinosaurs with our Cartoon Diplodocus Glass Wall Art, an ideal addition to your child's room. This distinctive piece merges fun design with a splash of prehistoric enchantment, ensuring their personal space becomes a realm of exploration and curiosity.

  • Jurassic Journey: This engaging wall art showcases a friendly Cartoon Diplodocus, prepared to guide your child on an exhilarating journey to the dinosaur era. Its lively colors and fun design stimulate their imagination..
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, top-quality toughened glass, our wall art not only has a striking appearance but is also built to endure. It provides a sleek, glossy finish that amplifies the dynamic colors of the artwork, ensuring it's a standout piece in any room.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze with the optional wall-mounting bracket, ensuring that the mirror is secure and level.
  • Perfect Size: Sized to suit various spaces, this wall art piece fits gracefully in numerous settings.
  • Smile-Inducing Design: With its lovable Diplodocus character, this wall art is designed to elicit a smile from your child.

Entering a world of prehistoric delight has never been simpler! With our Cartoon Diplodocus Glass Wall Art, every day can be a thrilling dinosaur escapade. Embark on this Jurassic journey today and let your child's imagination take flight.

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